Hints on taking better photos #3: Take lots of photos

Something that took me a while to get used to when moving from film to digital was that it no longer costs anything to take a picture. That's a great freedom. With digital photography you're free to experiment with different compositions, camera settings, lighting etc. As you do this, you learn what works and what doesn't and the experience pays off. So the hint this week is to just take lots of photos!

The other benefit is that when you've got a moving target or targets, like a family group, you can just keep taking photo after photo. Many of the resulting pictures will be poor with someone squinting or pulling silly faces, but chances are there will be some good ones too. So keep the good ones and discard the rest. Easy.

A selection of photos taken of my 4 and 6-year old kids recently. The 'hit rate' was pretty low: I was happy with only about two of the 26 photos taken. But that's OK, I can delete the ones that didn't work and it costs nothing.


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